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CBD OIL 6000

CBD OIL - 6000mg CBD in 30ml

Advanced CBD care

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Have you titrated up beyond 3 drops? Keep the dose small and manageable with our super-duper strength oil. Great for stubborn skin conditions like psoriasis and reoccurring eruptions. Use alone or enhance existing favorite products.

CBD OIL - 6000mg CBD in 30ml

Use alone or enhance existing favorite products, such as the HAND AND BODY LOTION

One drop to start. Titrate up until the desired effect reached. 

CBD OIL - 6000mg CBD in 30ml

Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Cannabidiol

Yes you read it right. There are only 2 ingredients in our 6000mg CBD oil. It’s clean and pure, the MCT oil acts as the carrier for the CBD and that’s all you need.

All our products are analysed by a third party lab for quality control purposes, trust building and transparency.

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